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Your Challenges

Getting infrastructure built can be hard

Everyone in society benefits from infrastructure. Wind and solar farms provide us with low-carbon electricity, roads and rail help us to get around and build connectivity between regions, onshore oil and gas help us heat our homes and fuel our cars, affordable housing gives families a safe place to grow, and recycling and waste facilities give us somewhere to put our leftover rubbish whilst avoiding pollution of the environment.

The problem is, while we're all happy to access these benefits, we're generally less happy about hosting the necessary infrastructure where we live.

The scale of our infrastructure needs is enormous

The UK has a target of obtaining 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, but looks set to miss it. We need to get on with installing thousands more wind turbines, and make bigger strides towards replacing fossil gas in our heating systems with biogas from anaerobic digestion. We need major new road and rail schemes that make it easier and quicker to move people and goods around the country. A new shale gas industry could help us wean ourselves of foreign imports that are less secure and have a higher Greenhouse Gas footprint. The consensus is that we need from 225,000 to 275,000 or more homes per year to keep up with population growth and start to tackle years of under-supply. And if we're to meet our recycling targets, especially in light of the fact that China is no longer prepared to accept our low-grade plastic waste, we need to get on and build more capacity in the UK.

But it won't happen if communities continue to try and block proposals in their area. We can help overcome this barrier.


Our solutions

We use tried-and-tested marketing approaches to drive outreach programmes that engage, educate and inform relevant audiences about upcoming infrastructure proposals and enable them to reach better informed decisions. Our 'Marketing to Mobilising' model enables us to identify and cultivate genuine supporters that have the motivation to speak-up in favour of your proposals at critical moments. 

Feedback gained from our outreach can also help to shape schemes so that they become more acceptable to potentially affected communities.

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