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Stakeholder Engagement for Waste

In a survey, roughly a third of people (32%) told us that waste recycling and incineration facilities are the infrastructure they'd least like to see introduced to their community.

We can only speculate about the reasons behind this unwillingness to host waste sites, but it's likely to revolve around pre-conceived fears about noise, odour, traffic and potential health impacts.

Today's waste facilities are built and operated to much higher standards than their historic predecessors and help to divert society's leftovers from landfill, which is better for everyone.

It's important to show stakeholders how modern designs, planning conditions and environmental permits can all make waste facilities relatively unobtrusive neighbours. Tours of similar, existing sites are a great way of overcoming some of these perception barriers - whether conducted in-person or as online virtual tours - along with case studies using EA OPRA reports to highlight permit compliance and a lack of local impacts.

It's also important to build-up 'reputational capital' by consistently sharing genuine good news stories about your business and its record on safety, environmental performance and regulatory compliance so that you can demonstrate that you are a good neighbour. We can help with tailored public relations support on an ongoing basis and ahead of any planned developments. 


If you'd like get help with stakeholder engagement and community relations for your next waste recycling or incineration development, or to find out more about our public relations offering for waste companies, simply email theteam [at]