Understanding attitudes to potentially controversial infrastructure

We recently conducted online polling of 1,500 UK residents to find out which of these potentially controversial infrastructure developments they'd least like to see built near them:

• Large-scale renewables like wind and solar

• New road and rail

• Oil and gas fracking sites

• Housing

• Waste and recycling facilities

Now, we'd like some help interpreting the results. Please take our survey. Together, the results will feature in a White Paper we're authoring that's aimed at public policy-makers and developers to help them better understand the needs of local stakeholders in areas where proposals are brought forward for controversial yet critical infrastructure.

Which type of development do you think proved to be the least favoured among the five presented in our poll?

We're interested to know which of the different types of development you think respondents to our poll said they would least like to see built near them. To be clear, we're not asking you to tell us which development you would least like to live near, but what you think other people said.