Supporter Identification and Targeting - 52M Consulting Limited

Supporter Identification and Targeting

We'll find and engage your natural supporters.

When you're looking to develop new infrastructure in or near a community, your scheme will immediate attract the attention of people minded to set themselves against it, and who will often quickly organise themselves into a campaign. Most people will be largely ambivalent about it, but there will always be a cohort of people that are naturally supportive of your proposals and we excel at finding them.

We will:

- Identify likely supporters

- Engage them in outreach activities

- Classify and codify their support

- Keep them informed

Once a pool of natural supporters has been identified, it's possible to then mobilise their support at critical moments. This can involve giving them the tools, guidance and confidence needed to connect with their local elected representatives and local media. Or it can involve helping them to make their views known to decision-makers by engaging with the democratic consultation processes embedded in our planning system.

At 52M we excel at finding and mobilising your natural supporters