Purpose, Values and Culture - 52M Consulting Limited

Purpose, Values and Culture

Doing Business On Purpose

We exist with a purpose beyond profit, helping to make sure that critical infrastructure gets built, for the benefit of society as a whole, with high levels of public support in areas where schemes are proposed.

How that translates into our values

Our values are built around our purpose. So you’ll find that we practice what we preach, doing our bit to minimise the negative environmental effects of our business whilst maximising economic and social outcomes – from our ‘green’ electricity tariff to the coffee in the kitchen that is always Fairtrade, using sustainably farmed coffee beans, to our preference for buying local.

Connecting our purpose and values through culture

Because we do business with a purpose, whilst striving to make ethical choices with integrity, it means we attract good people with shared values – and that breeds a culture of delivering the sort of outcomes that we and our clients seek. It’s also what makes us choosy about who we do business with, and why we won’t work with companies that aren’t really interested in engaging meaningfully with relevant audiences.