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Stakeholder Engagement for New road and Rail

In our nationwide online poll conducted in March 2018, 11% of respondents said that new road or rail was the type of infrastructure they'd least like to see built near them.

This implies that 89% of people would accept a new road or rail scheme in or near their community and that probably has a lot to do with the recognition that connectivity of people and goods brings tangible benefits.

Still, when road widening schemes are proposed that mean they'll encroach on the existing boundaries of people's properties, there's likely to be some opposition. And, of course, major developments like HS2 and, in the past, the Newbury Bypass can attract national opposition movements.

Giving people the chance to contribute to route selection is crucial, as well as working to reassure hyper-local stakeholders about the concerns most relevant to them - such as road noise, vibration, exhaust fumes and potential house price impacts.


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