Freelance from 52M - 52M Consulting Limited

Freelance from 52M

Come and work out of our offices, for FREE

"OK, what's the catch?" you wonder, because things that sound too good to be true usually are, right?

Well, not this time. There's no catch, just the offer of basing yourself out of our lovely offices near to Preston's historic Albert Edward dock.

You can:

- Come and go as you please

- Have your own desk and storage

- Share all the facilities

- Use the meeting space

- Enjoy a dedicated parking space

Working alone all the time can sap your morale. Working here will be like being part of a team, but still doing your own thing.

We currently have room for four freelancers in our first-floor co-working space, and are specifically looking at people in graphic design, digital / social media marketing, PR and events.

If this sounds like you, and you like the idea of working from a more professional-looking location, surrounded by people in professions that are allied to yours, get in touch. Email and ask for Marie.

In return for rent-free occupancy, all we ask is that you pay to repair any damage you cause, agree to our fair usage policy on utilities, and, occasionally, that you do the odd bit of free or steeply discounted work on our projects for us - but don't worry, we'll never abuse that privilege.