Our Stakeholder Engagement and PR Clients - 52M Consulting Limited


We service five distinct groups of clients


Private sector developers

We work with private sector businesses seeking to develop new infrastructure across large-scale renewables, road and rail, onshore oil and gas, housing and waste along with businesses that operate existing assets in some of these sectors.

Local government

We can partner local authorities that want to develop a portfolio of energy generation assets within their boundaries or that are seeking to build new transport infrastructure, such as bypass roads, and social housing.

Trade associations

We can help trade associations to engage with relevant audiences nationally and regionally, in order to raise awareness of important issues and build sector-specific support among influencers and decision-makers.

PR and Public Affairs consultancies

We can add value to the existing offering of PR and Public Affairs consultancies by bringing focused supporter identification and mobilisation services for client projects they're working on.

Planning consultants

We can take over the burden of managing stakeholder engagement and public consultation for projects, allowing planners to get on with what they do best.