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Classifying stakeholders according to influence and engagement

You may have already noticed, but here at 52M we do love a good matrix. Here's another for you to consider using as you plan your stakeholder engagement approach.


We've talked before in this blog about a useful way to think of your stakeholders as you prepare your 'Rules of Engagement' - classifying them according to a sort of spectrum.

You can build on that using this simple matrix, which you can use to determine the type of engagement you might consider for various different audiences according to how much influence people have and how engaged they are.

It recognises, for instance, that that a blanket approach to the way you engage just doesn't work - there's no point trying to collaborate with groups and individuals that are just simply dispassionate observers.

Likewise, it would be a mistake not to seek to collaborate with those stakeholders that not only have the most influence but that are also likely to be among the most engaged. 

On it's own, this matrix can't be used to define your entire strategy because there are other factors to consider as we've discussed elsewhere on the 52M blog, but as part of a multi-dimensional, layered approach, it's another very useful little tool.