52M Consulting Limited

Stakeholder engagement consultancy

What we do

52M Consulting Limited is a stakeholder engagement and communications consultancy. 

We work in 'third rail' issues where we help to engage, educate and inform relevant audiences in order to mobilise genuine supporters of controversial yet critical infrastructure projects. We also deliver a range of strategic and day-to-day PR and communications services aimed at protecting and enhancing brand reputation.


Sectors and Projects We Support

The third rail is a track-side device that supplies power to electric trains, but it's also a metaphor for anything that has or can be expected to become so controversial that its traditionally seen as 'charged' and 'untouchable', and so our work spans:

> Large-scale renewables

> New road and rail infrastructure

> Onshore oil and gas

> Housing

> Waste


Our Purpose Beyond Profit

We exist to help make sure that critical infrastructure gets built, for the benefit of society as a whole, with high levels of public acceptance in areas where schemes are proposed and operated.


More than PR

Traditional PR-led approaches don't work when it comes to controversial developments - it's seen as all spin and no substance. Communicating with relevant audiences must be deeper, broader and more meaningful. That's what we do.